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Diana Hinton Davies, Brighton

"Last year in 2013 - I felt so ill through that relentless freeze that lasted several long months last year and my bill from EDF was still excessive in spite of having used only one heater and having it on intermittently in only 'one' room - the heater [one bar] being left on only half hour at a time because I dreaded to think what my next bill would come to and and true to thought, it was high - in fact EDF wanted to increase my direct debit from £50 monthly to £77. Having insisted I was on a low income and a pensioner, we finally agreed £60 monthly which was be a struggle for me.

I'm already worrying about EDF's bill in May 2014.that I've had to reduce my weekly food bill down to between £25- £30 and that does not provide much nutritional scope at all, I'm having to do this so I can balance my low income budget while gauging a little heat just to survive in and through the cold months.

During 2013, I dressed in layers top to bottom, jumpers, even wore a beanie, scarf and gloves to bed and still felt the chill through me. I do only light cooking, run one weekly wash and dry and use mostly 5 watt LED bulbs and that does not make a difference to my EDF bill as it is still far too high on my low income.

The upstairs of my flat is always left unheated as I can barely living area alone which is not a large room.

I feel strongly that the energy providers have a moral duty to reduce their unit charges specifically for the unemployed, disabled, sick, elderly and for those on a low income because at present with these energy providers' unit prices escalating, including their standing charge, makes for one 'unfair' utility practice. WARM HOMES - LOWER BILLS!"

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